Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

Hope Delivered Daily

Workplace giving is an easy, safe and cost-efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to the charities you care about. Donate today and save a life tomorrow!

Workplace giving has many options throughout the year. Our goal is to ensure no one in need is denied medical care because they don’t have transportation.

Because of our donors, Mercy Medical Angels can provide transportation to life-saving medical care for low-income families, children, adults, veterans and cancer patients.

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Workplace Giving Program

1. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), Mercy Medical Angels CFC # is 11844

a. Established by the US government in 1961 as a way for federal workers to support charities. The CFC is one of Mercy Medical Angels largest pools of donors. Because of our CFC

donations, we can provide transportation to long distant medical care for children, adults, veterans and cancer patients.

2. State and Local Public Sector Campaigns, Mercy Medical Angels VA CVC # is 02574

a. These campaigns include public employees paid through public funds (i.e., state, municipal, county, public school, public college, and university employees).

b. For your State code, please click here

3. Company Workplace Giving Opportunities

a. Mercy Medical Angels can create an annual campaign for your organization. For more information email

b. Employer Gift Match (for a list of known employer match programs click here)

c. FUNdraising at Work

i. Jeans Day

ii. Angel Wings, Gas card collections

iii. Host a benefit event for Mercy Medical Angels

d. Payroll Deduction (see attached form)

e. Volunteer Opportunities