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Since 1972, Mercy Medical Angels has been helping patients with free transportation to medical care.

Meet the Mercy Medical Angels Team

Robb Alpaugh, President and CEO

Robb has been with Mercy Medical Angels for more than three years, after serving as an Angel Flight Mid Atlantic volunteer pilot for more than 12 years. His favorite part of his job is finding new opportunities to serve the travel needs of patients. When asked why donors should support our mission, Robb responded, “Because it is an opportunity for you to serve others fundamentally.”

Robb Alpaugh

Stephanie Bollmann, Director of Operations

Stephanie holds a Masters degree with a focus on Nonprofit Management, but her heart holds a love of helping others. Stephanie is passionate in saying, “Our patients need your help! Donors, partners, and volunteers can feel amazing about getting patients to receive the medical care they desperately need! I love getting the word out about who we are and how we help patients every day! HOPE Delivered Daily; it’s what we do!”

Stephanie Bollmann

Keith Stava, Director of Development

Having been a professional fundraiser for over twenty-five years, Keith is very proud to now be with Mercy Medical Angels and assisting in giving hope to veterans, children and families across Hampton Roads and our nation. Providing medical travel assistance to those in need is critically important since disease doesn’t care where you live.


Joanie Corkrum, Administrative Support

Though she is only working part-time at Mercy Medical Angels, Joannie has been working with MMA for over ten years! Her favorite part of her job is just being a part of and supporting the team at Mercy Medical Angels. Our mission can only be accomplished with the help of our donors, partners, and volunteers who all give so generously!

Joanie Corkrum

April Bre Hemmendinger, Transportation Coordinator

April is also a newer team member; she came on board when Cathy retired after ten years of service. April enjoys connecting with patients and their caregivers. She can speak to the importance of Mercy Medical Angels mission and has personal experience in the critical need for charitable transportation to medical care. The HOPE and RELIEF this services we provide has infinite value for the families we help.

April Hemmendinger

Felycia Jordan, Accountant

Felycia has over ten years experience in the accounting field and has volunteered for many nonprofits throughout that time. We asked Felycia to share her feeling about working at Mercy Medical Angels, and she said, “Starting my job here was the best day of my life, knowing every day I get to help others makes me want to come to work! We have a great team here, we help people, and we all have a passion for caring about others!”

Felycia Jordan

Lynne Medley Long, Director of Administration

After Lynne relocated to the Hampton Roads area, Mercy Medical Angels was lucky to find her while they had the chance. She brings a wealth of nonprofit administration knowledge. Her favorite part of working with MMA is being able to contribute something meaningful to an organization that is impacting the world around us. Access to healthcare should not be a privilege but something everyone should have.

Lynne Medley Long

Sundae Oxley, Transportation Coordinator

Sundae has been coordinating flights for over two years and has been essential to building our commercial airline programs. Sundae’s favorite part of her job is knowing that she works for an organization that makes it possible for a patient to get the care they deserve to be made whole again. “We provide a missing link for patients to get to the specialized medical care they need that is often time more than not— Life-Saving!”

Sundae Oxley

Mary Jane Sablan, Transportation Coordinator

Mary Jane Sablan (MJ) is the longest Mercy Medical Angels’ team member, she has been with us for 17 years! MJ coordinates volunteer pilot trips and ground transportation. She loves to talk to the patients and has an amazing rapport with pilots. She says, “Their words of thanks and appreciation warms my heart.”

Donors, partners and volunteers can “join the flight”, we are 100% genuine and donations support those we help, not to overhead or costly advertising.

Mary Jane Sablan

Stephanie Singer, Communications Specialist

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and she’s putting it to good use at Mercy Medical Angels. In describing Mercy Medical Angels, she speaks from the heart: “Donors will be happy to know that everyone here truly cares about our mission! Everything I do here, whether it’s social media, CFC videos, or creating signs for events, makes its way back to the patients. Knowing that you can make a real difference is the best feeling in the world! Here at Mercy Medical Angels, I’m committed to something bigger than myself, and I can express it in three words: HOPE Delivered Daily!”

Stephanie Singer


Board of Directors

Mercy Medical Angels

  • Radm. J. B. Godwin, III, USN (Ret.)
  • Col. Norman E. Johnson USAF (Ret.)
  • Kenneth (Skipp) Maiden
  • Joyce Gardella
  • Maj. Gen. Jack Catton, USAF (Ret.)
  • Steven Craven
  • Gregory Lomax
  • William Hall
  • Patrick O’Boyle, III
  • Virginia Rodriguez
  • Tracy L. Thomas, USN Vet
  • Col. John Venable, USAF (Ret.)


  • John Jackson
  • Louis J. Sabatini
  • Thomas McMahon
  • Col. Rand Brandt, USAF (Ret.)
  • C.R. (Bud) Harper

Advisory Boards

Angel Wings for Veterans

  • Gen. David M. Rodriguez, USA (Ret.)
  • Maj. Gen. Jack Catton, USAF (Ret.)
  • James Cherry
  • Debra Cox-Wood PhD, N.D.
  • Steven Craven
  • Cmdr. W. Taylor Grant, USNR
  • Roy (Chip) Hilborn, USN (Ret.)
  • Stephen D. Juge, Esq.
  • Cmdr. Brian Martinez, USN (Ret.)
  • H. Murrell McLeod, USN (Ret.)
  • Danny Osborn
  • Stephen Patterson, USN (ret.)
  • Tracy L. Thomas, USN Vet

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic

  • Kelly Murphy
  • BG Richard (Dick) Abel, USAF (Ret.)
  • Capt. John Billings, USAF (Ret.)
  • John Lumpkin
  • Albert Meehan
  • Stephen Patterson, USN (Ret.)
  • James Pearce
  • Nevin Showman


Strategy for Achieving Goals

Thanks to donors like you, Mercy Medical Angels can offer the most cost-effective means of charitable transportation for each patient. This is based on: the distance they need to travel, their medical requirements, the location they need to reach, and the availability of different modes of travel as related to their specific departure and destination requirements.

The strategy is to make sure each means of transportation–whether private aircraft, commercial airline, or ground transportation–is delivered to the patient with the least overall cash cost. Travel is always free to the patient. The generosity of donors lowers overhead costs related to each trip. Your support allows Mercy Medical Angels to develop partnerships with corporations or commercial transportation providers, who offer discounts on purchased travel for patients. You also make it possible for volunteer pilots to fly patients for free.

Capacity to Achieve Goals

Your support has enabled Mercy Medical Angels to grow from its small beginnings in 1972, when the sole method of transportation consisted of volunteer pilots flying their own privately-owned aircraft. Over the years, you have made it possible for Mercy Medical Angels to expand, meet new needs, and offer different modes of transportation. Through it all, you have ensured that Mercy Medical Angels has never compromised the highest standards of operational integrity and efficiency, transportation safety, public transparency and accountability.
Through many years of continuous service, Mercy Medical Angels has kept a perfect safety record.

Mercy Medical Angels is governed by a respected Board of Directors. The team reflects a high level of professionalism as well as diversity. This organization is committed to public transparency, so the home page of the website provides on-call real time data counts for trips completed (not just coordinated).

Outputs and Results

To understand the impact on the people you enable Mercy Medical Angels to serve, a consistent measure of outputs and results is key. The data collected as related to each patient trip includes: a date, mode of service, and departure and destination locations. Various forms of public benefit are provided, including a standardized estimate of the dollar value of transportation cost.This data is organized by mode of transportation provided to the patient. Mercy Medical Angels publications provide several years’ history of past service delivery rates.

The completion of a patient trip represents an “output” of the Mercy Medical Angels system. It provides the means by which a patient gets to a distant medical appointment for evaluation, diagnosis or treatment, or how a patient gets back home after the appointment.

For this reason, to extend reporting from outputs to outcomes, Mercy Medical Angels relies on voluntarily-given patient testimonials and patient answers to generalized questions about their health or other meaningful improvements in their lives. Such information is provided through the website. To see how you are making a difference, you can read patient testimonials here.

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