Troubles with Tibial Hemimelia Faith lives in the Caribbean. Year-round warmth, white coral beaches, and crystal-blue waters beckon to countless tourists. But even in the bright tropical sun, there’s a dark side to life. The remote location of the islands makes it hard to access specialized medical care. This includes treatments for birth defects, suchRead More
Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Diana was hyper-flexible as a child. As with many “double jointed” children, she showed off her abilities. “In my youth, I often entertained friends with all my ‘tricks.’ I grew up thinking most people could do these things with their joints.” But as the years went on, Diana began to sufferRead More
You couldn’t tell it from Debbie’s energetic conversing, but she has Short Gut Syndrome. This prevents her intestines from absorbing nutrients. She lives in Eastern Tennessee, but has to go to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for treatment. Mercy Medical Angels is helping her access the care she needs. “They’re an uplifting breath of fresh air,” says Debbie. In early December 2017,Read More

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