It was an unusual form of cancer that Richard was diagnosed with, but among older patients, it was not uncommon. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington was the only place where the rare bone-marrow treatment could be done for Richard.

Richard is 72 years old and lives with his wife. As with many older Americans, they are living on a fixed income. Having to purchase airfare for frequent round trips from New York to Seattle was not an option. Living on a fixed income is already challenging to make ends meet, Richard was left without options.

This is where Mercy Medical Angels flew in to help! Through their airline transportation program tickets were purchased for both Richard and his wife. In addition, MMA was able to coordinate a volunteer pilot to fly them both from there rural area home to the airport through their partner charity, Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic. This is another patient travel program offered through Mercy Medical Angels using volunteer pilots and general aviation.

The programs that Mercy Medical Angels offer have been helping patients “spread their wings” for over 45 years. Find out ways you can help by visiting and to learn more about our Volunteer Pilot programs visit

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