Marie: Kicking Out Breast Cancer

Fighting Breast Cancer

Marie lives in Aspen, Colorado. This city is famous for its focus on outdoor activities, such as skiing. But for Marie, skiing is the last thing on her mind. She’s fighting breast cancer.

Sparring Without Support

When Marie was diagnosed, it was like sparring in a competition – without adequate training. Marie’s oncologist had helped her for almost seven years. However, he retired in 2018, leaving Marie without a coach. She had four oncology appointments with local doctors. According to Marie, these visits “were not a high standard of care.”

Luckily, one specialist would be able to help Marie. Dr. Christofanelli had an effective treatment plan set up, a strategy to win the battle. This meant Marie could see “a renowned breast cancer expert and get the proper testing.” But there was a problem: Dr. Christofanelli was based in Chicago, Illinois – more than 1,000 miles away.

Joining the Flight

That was when Mercy Medical Angels came in. A partnership with United enabled Marie to get a round-trip flight for treatment. The flights were also nonstop, making the trip more efficient. Marie says she wouldn’t have been able to access treatment without the flight assistance. She says that Mercy Medical Angels “relieved my anxiety.”

Marie also thanks the transportation coordinators for their role in her battle. “April was extremely helpful and wonderful,” said Marie, “as she helped me make this journey possible.”

Marie Keeps Fighting

As of now, Marie is waiting on test results. Mercy Medical Angels and United will continue to help her. Thanks to the assistance, she will keep fighting. From Colorado to Chicago and back again, she can travel to treatment without a hassle.

Fighting breast cancer isn’t easy. But cancer patients don’t have to fight alone. With support from Mercy Medical Angels and United, cancer patients like Marie can kick out breast cancer.

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