Keith: Giving Back

An Impressive Résumé

Keith has helped many nonprofits for more than 20 years. In that time, he’s made his mark in development and fundraising. His positive attitude is contagious, and he has the skills to help a nonprofit succeed.

But what’s most interesting on Keith’s résumé is his longtime involvement with Mercy Medical Angels. Before accepting a job as development director, he was one of the patients who needed transportation.

Cost of Cancer

In 2017, Keith was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. He had been working in development at an organization that helped low-income children. However, he was in and out of cancer treatment. This made it hard to show up at work. His absence record quickly escalated, and he was laid off. “My insurance didn’t cover all the costs associated with treatment,” said Keith.

Keith’s best chance at healing was a stem cell transplant. His brother was a match. Then he ran into another problem: his brother lives in California. Round-trip airfare would have added to the financial drain. On top of this, Keith had to go to Duke University for the transplant, which was far away from his home in Hampton Roads. Aside from running out of resources, Keith was running out of time.

New Development

As Keith found out, this story wasn’t over. Mercy Medical Angels gave Keith’s brother a round-trip flight for the transplant. Keith received gas cards so he could go to Duke. His wife drove him back and forth to treatment – “she’s an outstanding caregiver,” said Keith.

Since stress slows the healing process, Mercy Medical Angels accelerated Keith’s journey to healing. “They helped me focus on treatment and recovery,” said Keith, “instead of the financial burden.” To describe his experience with Mercy Medical Angels in one word, Keith chooses “relief.”

“If it weren’t for Mercy Medical Angels, I wouldn’t be here.”

The Helped Becomes The Helper

Now, Keith works as the development director for Mercy Medical Angels. He encourages people to donate to Mercy Medical Angels: “Their donations are providing hope and saving lives,” said Keith. He’s ready to take on development once again, helping patients who are traveling the road he was on. “I hope I’ll be able to help Mercy Medical Angels, and the many great people that it serves.”

In the classic wisdom of nonprofits, the people who receive help often end up giving back. Many of the patients that Mercy Medical Angels have helped are giving back in the usual ways. They donate money, write thank you letters, or send holiday cards. Keith’s way of giving back is truly unique… it’s not every day a patient becomes a staff member!

keith development director mercy medical angels
Say hello to Keith! He’s the new development director at Mercy Medical Angels.

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