An Impressive Résumé Keith has helped many nonprofits for more than 20 years. In that time, he’s made his mark in development and fundraising. His positive attitude is contagious, and he has the skills to help a nonprofit succeed. But what’s most interesting on Keith’s résumé is his longtime involvement with Mercy Medical Angels. BeforeRead More
“ ‘Twas the night before Christmas,” the old lines tell of glory But I, a volunteer pilot, will tell a new story. The airport was shining with colorful lights In hopes that night pilots would have safer flights. The planes tucked in hangars, the pilots in bed While visions of clear flying danced in theirRead More
Winter Battleground Winter is a quiet season. Snow blankets the ground with sparkling pure white. Silver icicles glisten on branches. Frost glitters on rooftops. The oblique rays of the sun reflect on the ice. The air is hushed, punctuated only by small birds and the wind in the trees. But when someone is suffering fromRead More
Family Matters When the holidays come around, family naturally follows. Children stock up on candy canes and cookies. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles tell stories. Parents try to keep things in order and have fun at the same time. People give gifts, traditions play out, all have fun. But what happens if a relative is sick?Read More

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