Cancer Patients Fight Through Flight

Tough Fight for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients have a tough fight ahead of them. It gets even tougher when their best shot at survival is far from home. When that happens, they call the American Cancer Society for support. From there, the American Cancer Society refers them to Mercy Medical Angels.

Airline Alliances

One way we accomplish our mission is through partnerships with commercial airlines. These airlines help the American Cancer Society through fundraising efforts, allowing for research and treatments. It’s a natural fit with our mission – 44{f77eda0a441a5392985456a36d9467949e304252615cb77080f0e5eccc27b851} of our trips help cancer patients.

Cancer patients don’t always have the means to access distant treatment. That’s where we come in! There are programs where frequent flier miles donated through airlines go to the American Cancer Society. From there, the miles go to Mercy Medical Angels. This allows us to secure medical flights for those in need.

Your Donations Help

One easy way to help is to donate your frequent flier miles. Three airlines have partnerships with the American Cancer Society: Delta, United, and Frontier.


      1. Go to

        2. Choose American Cancer Society
        3. Log in to your Skymiles Delta account
        4. Confirm donation


        1. Go to
        2. Choose American Cancer Society
        3. Log into your MileagePlus account
        4. Confirm donation


    Frontier accepts donations in 1,000 mile increments.

        1. Call the Early Returns desk at 1-866-263-2759
        2. Make your contribution

    A Winning Team

    Mercy Medical Angels and the American Cancer Society are powerful allies in the battle against cancer. When you donate your frequent flier miles, you’re giving the priceless gift of healing. Join our team! We can help cancer patients in their fight, through flight.