Cancer Patient Keeps Hearing

margaret with doctors
Margaret and the doctors at MD Anderson.

Margaret is a cancer patient who lives in Michigan. MD Anderson in Texas is the only place that offers the treatment she needs. Mercy Medical Angels provides free transportation to MD Anderson for Margaret.

Medical Condition I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic squamous cell carcinoma at the base of my tongue and lymph nodes. I am deaf and hear w/cochlear implants so preserving the my hearing was a huge quality of life issue. Proton therapy and biologic chemo could do so.

Passenger Story I was terrified of not only my cancer, but once again losing my hearing. Treatment was 33 proton radiation treatments and 8 weeks of biologic chemo. Treatment away from home was difficult as well as a financial burden. Follow up treatment is 4 times a year, for two years or more.

How was your flight? 5

Routing Treatment required travel from northern Traverse City, MI to Houston, TX for treatment at MD Anderson. This was the only accredited Proton Therapy center for Head and Neck cancer. After consulting with the Oncology Team, I knew I was in the right place.

Mission Story People like Cathy, at Mercy Medical Angels helped take the financial and logistical stress of travel away. Cathy has been wonderful in setting up flights and making sure all my travel needs were met & there were no glitches. For that, I am forever grateful!