Lettie: Healing from the Skies

Cancer and a Complicated Problem

When Lettie was diagnosed with cancer, she needed chemotherapy. Her best treatment option was at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The treatment was available. Expert oncologists could help her on the journey to healing.

Lettie encountered a major problem, and it seemed difficult to solve: traveling the treatment center. Long distance and high cost were hurdles that she couldn’t clear on her own. “I am unable to take that 11 hour drive now to get to my treatment center,” said Lettie, “and I can’t afford to pay the airfare.”

With Her All The Way

Mercy Medical Angels was able to help Lettie. The charity worked with Southwest Airlines to obtain plane tickets for Lettie. As cancer had stolen her energy, Lettie also needed a family member to provide care during travel. Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest ensured that her husband or brother could come with her as caregivers. “This is a trip that I won’t be able to take by myself,” said Lettie. “Most times I’m needing my caregiver.”

“I don’t know what I could’ve done if it wasn’t for Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest making sure I got to my oncologist and chemo appointments,” said Lettie. She expresses her gratitude and relief for the charity and airline “allowing my husband, Shelton, or my brother, Reggie to fly along with me.”

Taking Flight

Lettie’s experience with Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest “has been awesome.” She says that “the pilots are caring and sensitive to my needs.” Southwest has a reputation for being fun to fly – and for Lettie, this held true. “The pilot was funny over the intercom, and so was the stewardess. It made us very relaxed and calm.” She says that it “didn’t feel like I was traveling to have chemo.”

“We Will Always Be Thankful”

Lettie shares her story with almost everyone she encounters, both in-person or online. When describing Mercy Medical Angels, Lettie’s gratefulness overflows: “I truly believe Mercy Medical Angels was heaven-sent. We will always be thankful for them.”

When asked what she would say if someone asked to donate, Lettie’s answer soars from the center of her heart. “I encourage everyone to please give to such a wonderful charity such as Mercy Medical Angels. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here today.”

“Thank you, Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest.”

Lettie receiving cancer treatment

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