Wendy: Anything is Possible

Too Heavy for Flight

“The financial stress of flying out of state for treatment, every two weeks, takes a toll quickly.”

This is how Wendy describes what happened to her. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her local doctor said that her best shot was an experimental treatment at MD Anderson. Long-distance travel was one more problem, and an expensive one at that. Wendy lives in Florida. Her home was more than 950 miles away from the cancer treatment center in Houston. Flying back and forth to Houston was hitting her hard – financially and otherwise.

The high cost and compounded stress was a burden. Wendy was caught in an impossible situation.

Eliminating Cancer, Relieving Stress

Sometimes it’s the impossible situations that turn around the most drastically. Mercy Medical Angels and the American Cancer Society helped Wendy do just that.

The two organizations teamed up to ensure Wendy could travel to MD Anderson without so much stress. She was able to obtain a round-trip ticket for free. It gave her “security that I would be able to make it to my next appointment.” She adds that it “brought great relief.” The fact that her stress is gone accelerates the healing process.

Wendy is able to travel to MD Anderson. She’s on her way to healing. The experimental treatment is getting rid of the cancer. Although previous treatments damaged Wendy’s body, she’s starting to get her strength back.

Doing the Impossible

Wendy’s message to donors is clear as the sky after a storm. “You are making a world of positive difference in the lives of others in great need.” When people donate to Mercy Medical Angels, they can change – and save – the life of a cancer patient like Wendy.

“I am so grateful for the people who make the impossible a reality.” With help from Mercy Medical Angels and the American Cancer Society, Wendy is turning an impossible situation on its head. She’s proving that anything is possible.

wendy cancer patient
Wendy is able to access an experimental cancer treatment that’s changing her life.

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