Marlin: Not Walking Alone

Battling Bile Duct Liver Cancer

Marlin was diagnosed with bile duct liver cancer. The doctors in his local area were unable to treat it. As he searched for treatment options, Marlin found out good news and bad news. The good news: specialists at MD Anderson could help him. The bad news: MD Anderson was more than 700 miles away from home. Also, the long distance presented a second problem: “Travel, especially by air, is expensive.”

His treatment required frequent round trips. “I have to go every two to three months,” Marlin said. Marlin needed help, and he needed it quickly.

“A Tremendous Help”

Fortunately, Marlin wasn’t fighting solo. Mercy Medical Angels arranged flights for Marlin, through Delta. However, there was an added obstacle: bile duct liver cancer had sapped Marlin’s energy. He needed a wheelchair to get around the airport. Marlin said, “Delta was very helpful with wheelchair assistance.”

“Mercy Medical Angels was a tremendous help in making my flight to MD Anderson Cancer Center possible,” said Marlin.

Frequent Flyer

Marlin was able to fly to MD Anderson twice. His battle isn’t over yet, but he’s on the way to healing. Mercy Medical Angels will continue to help him fight through flight. “Mercy Medical Angels eased the financial burden of the trip,” said Marlin. Without the stress of uncertainty, the travel assistance enables him to focus on treatment and healing.

I am very thankful for their help as I battle bile duct liver cancer.”

Marlin’s Message

When asked how he would describe Mercy Medical Angels in one word, Marlin answers with sincerity and gratitude. “My one-word description would be ‘great’,” said Marlin. Aside from this answer, Marlin adds a message to potential donors.

“For those who can give financial support to Mercy Medical Angels,” he said, “I would recommend this organization as a great place to help others in their time of need.”

Marlin has a long road ahead of him. But with the help of Mercy Medical Angels and Delta, he doesn’t have to walk it alone.

bile duct liver cancer patient at md anderson
When it comes to cancer treatment, Marlin doesn’t have to walk alone.

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