10 Ways Mercy Medical Angels Helps Veterans and Their Families

There are more than 40,000 organizations that help veterans and their families. With so many charities to choose from, the options become overwhelming.

One of the best charities in this category is Mercy Medical Angels and their veterans program, Angel Wings for Veterans. Our mission is to ensure that no veteran in need is denied clinical care because of a lack of transportation. 100{f77eda0a441a5392985456a36d9467949e304252615cb77080f0e5eccc27b851} of your donation goes directly to help veterans and their families. You can easily find other information on our website – financials, how many trips we’ve completed daily or monthly, and testimonials from individuals whom we have helped.

By now, you’re probably thinking: “How exactly do you help veterans and their families?” Here’s a list of 10 ways we accomplish our mission…


1. Adaptive sports. Soldiers often come home with physical wounds or mental scars. Adaptive sports can help with healing. We provide transportation to adaptive sports events. With their families cheering them on, veterans can accomplish more than they thought possible.

2. Service dogs. Many veterans could benefit from a service dog. If a veteran has nightmares or panic attacks, a service dog gives comfort until all is secure. A service dog can even help with tasks that an injured veteran might have difficulty with. We bring veterans to service dog facilities and back home again. Sometimes what a hero needs most is a best friend.

3. Wilderness experiences. For some veterans, nature holds trails to healing. Battle Dawgs is an organization in Alaska that provides veterans with outdoor adventures – dogsledding, fishing, and camping, to name a few. Heroes and Horses, based in Montana, takes veterans on pack trips through the mountains and forests. We help veterans travel to these faraway frontiers, and they come back renewed.

4. Commercial flights. If a veteran is in one state and the best treatment is in another, travel expenses can rise faster than a fighter jet. We give veterans the chance to travel from home to hope through commercial flights.

5. Partnerships with airlines. As stated before, commercial flights aren’t cheap. Thankfully, we have partnerships with American Airlines and Southwest. They have helped by donating flights, tickets, and frequent flyer points. This way, veterans can travel for free.

6. Honor flights. We bring veterans to places such as Pearl Harbor, military bases, and memorials. It’s a way to honor those who are still with us, along with those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Sometimes the veterans are close to death and need a sense of closure. Regardless of the circumstance, these honor flights carry deep meaning and can heal in themselves

7. Volunteer pilots. Sometimes treatment is too close for a regular flight, but too far for driving. Enter our volunteer pilots! Volunteer pilots own or rent small aircraft, and fly veterans for free.

8. Wings of Appreciation. The effects of war can put clouds over a veteran’s life. Volunteer pilots take them on a two-leg scenic flight, with picnic lunches between. In this way, the veterans can soar from storms to sunshine.

9. Ground transportation. What if flying isn’t an option? That’s not a problem, because we can provide ground transportation as well. Tickets to Greyhound and Amtrak help with longer trips, and we can also buy gas cards for driving. We make the road to healing smoother.

10. Partnerships with other foundations. We work with both local and national organizations. One at the local level is Hampton Roads Hounds for Heroes. One at the national level is The Warrior Connection. As anyone who served in the military knows, teamwork can save lives.

Together, we are changing and saving lives. Your gift today will truly help our heroes. To learn more or donate, please visit our websites at https://mercymedical.org and https://angelwingsforveterans.org.