The comments, expressions of thanks and general observations shared with us by the patients after they conclude their trips bear testimony to the sincere appreciation felt by the client traveler. These comments are important to us because we really don’t have the opportunity to talk to patients after they arrive back home, and HIPPA regulations prevent us from asking medically-related questions. We sincerely want to know the resulting impact – hopefully improvement – in health condition as the outcome of patient trips. We can only learn this as patients let us know how things are going and the difference our service makes in their quality of life.

The testimonials listed below have come directly to MMA and speak extensively about results and outcomes. A second large set of testimonials has been received by an organization called GreatNonprofits.  These are likewise full of references to outcomes and results.  To read these click here.

“Prior to my becoming handicapped, I’ve spent my entire life helping full time patients on my dime and time. It’s been very very difficult to become the patient and even more difficult to ask for help. Thank you for helping all I’ve done come full circle. ”


“One plane ticket can not only change a life, it can change the life of a whole family…  I owe my life to the help so generously donated to and by Mercy Medical Angels. My husband, children and I thank you.”


“Mercy Medical Angels has been such a godsend.”


“I had blood clots in my lungs and hypertension. If I couldn’t get treatment, I’d be in trouble. Mercy Medical Angels helped me get out in California, which saved me from taking loans that I couldn’t pay back. They’re excellent.”


“How this organization helped my mom – they were very patient and took care of everything. They’re timely, compassionate, and caring. We desperately need help, and just can’t do it without Mercy Medical Angels.”


“One word to describe our experience with Mercy Medical Angels: BLESSING!”


“My husband was accepted for a clinical trial in Stanford, but we’d have to travel back and forth four times. Mercy Medical Angels has made it much more affordable and easier on us. They’re a huge benefit.”


“Without the help of  Mercy Medical Angels, we wouldn’t be able to get to the doctor in Houston. Our child has a rare cancer, and is in remission. We’re grateful.”


“We couldn’t afford to get treatment for my husband. Mercy Medical Angels has been a blessing.”

Thank you for helping us during our time of need. We travel nearly 675 miles every two weeks for medical treatment. We have been traveling for nearly 2 years with no end in site. It has become very very difficult for us to financial absorb these high medical travel expenses. Your organization is making a difference to us personally and we just wanted to “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts.

Matthew and Karen

We would like to thank you very much for the air transportation to Florida. Since my husbands diagnosis of lymphoma, your gesture of kindness rises above all others. We are grateful for your generosity and the ease with which you provided the flight information and arrangements. Please pass this along to any others involved as we would like them to know the positive effect of their efforts.

Connie & Duane

Thank you so much! I’ve been worried about this trip, and you really just made my day! I truly appreciate your assistance with this flight…and for helping me to complete the final requirement for my service dog!

Caroline J.

Thank you all for the great work in flights for all of us & Literally helping save my life 11yrs 4 months ago when I was able to receive a double lung transplant due to a genetic disease at UPMC . I would especially want to send out a warm thanks to MaryJane who is awesome in arranging flights to & from with your warm, caring pilots!

Brenda D.

Thank you so much for helping me get closer on my road to recovery. I now have my new best friend. I don’t know how to thank you and your organization enough. You guys are heaven sent helping us veterans when we need it the most. You guys helped save my life, I was going down a dark road and you guys reach out and touched me.

Jose S.

I can’t explain the how it felt for the feelings of confusion, stress and pressure to lift from my shoulders the day I got the call from Mercy Medical Angels telling me they had my flight organized for me and that all I had to do was be at the airport on time.


Mercy Medical made it possible for me to travel to MD Anderson for treatment and surgery. They are literally my life savers because I am not sure I would have considered to make the trips from El Paso to Houston on my own because of the cost factor and the stress related to scheduling these trips. They made it easy and help me concentrate on taking care of my well being. The flights were made taking into consideration my needs my treatment schedule. This service needs to be continued and supported. Thank you Mercy Medical for being there.


I would just like to express my gratitude for your services. I would not be able to go to my appointment at NIH without your assistance. You truly save lives and I am so so very grateful that you were able to assist me.


Your service was great. You had quick follow through and your communication was very detailed. I appreciate the help. The hotel, food & other cost me nearly $2,000. If I had to pay for airfare also it would have been a problem. My 4 day stay ended up being 11 days and Delta changed my return date without any fees. Thank you Mercy Medical.


After the death of my husband, I became the only family that my Brother-in-Law had. It was a stressful time for me and then Blaine called saying he needed surgery. Since he is autistic and gets upset easily he needed me to help him with the arrangements and to accompany him to surgery and help him understand the process. Angel Wheels was able to help me get my Brother-in-Law to Seattle for repair on his retina. Without their help I would not have been able to get him there. Thank you for helping reduce the stress in an already stressful time.


My health has been poor for the last couple years. My health has somewhat improved by Angel Bus taking the burden off my shoulders helping me with gas money for my trips.

Robert B.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the assistance provided.  Angel Wheels has been a Godsend for me and my husband.  We have limited resources and your help has taken some of the burden away.

Trina W.

Your gift not only helps us financially but it touches my heart in such a way it brings me to tears.  To think that someone that doesn’t know us reaches out.  Again thank you…

Sue & William L.

Words can not express the gratitude we feel for your help.  Noah would not be able to go to Charlottesville for his surgery without your help.  We are so very thankful for Angel Wheels. May God bless you all.

Noah J.

I can’t thank your organization enough for allowing my health to improve and allowing me hope that I will have a future. You have been a true blessing to me!

Teri T

You made it possible to get to the Mayo clinic and doctors who care, and have new ideas for my husbands treatment. Everyone I talked with were so helpful and willing to help us. I thank God for helping us find you and your services. Thank you, and God bless you all.

James & Annette

I’m in an alcohol treatment program in White City Oregon. You guys got me here from Little Rock Arkansas, I was thinking of suicide. Your generosity may have saved my life. THANK YOU

Heath H.

I am very thankful for Mercy Medical Angel flights. I have a special needs daughter that is in treatment at Baylor University, Houston. I could not get her there if it were not for Mercy.

Donna T.

Our organization has received numerous calls from families, seeking a method to transport their critically ill child for medical treatment. Families shoulder enormous burdens in caring for their sick children: emotional, physical, and logistical. The services of Mercy Medical are a godsend for some of those families, knowing there is a not just a resource to support the need for long-distance travel for the most medically appropriate, top-notch medical services. They are a lifeline, knowing that there is a corps of caring volunteers who serve as angel wings, to deliver their child with a smile. Thank you for your services and commitment to children and adults who face serious health concerns and can benefit from medical treatment at no cost.

Mary S.

We had depleted all other routes while trying to get help for our 2 year old daughter. We were making trips to Cincinnati, Ohio for her doctor appointments when we were told about this program. They were able to fly my daughter and I out and back for critical procedures that we would never been able to do ourselves. The process was easy and the people were wonderful to work with. The program was our lifesaver in more than one way and I can not say enough about it!!


Thank you so much for your recent gift of gas cards to help with my daily trips to Cayuga Medical Center for radiation therapy. This has been a challenge for us – the new cancer diagnosis, the many tests and trips for medical help, etc. Your gift will help us to be able to get through this hard time. We are thankful to know God watches over us and that you all are part of his care for us.

Jeanne & Dave

I have a blood cancer and need to fly frequently to Arkansas from Ohio. Mercy Medical was very helpful in finding flights when I needed to go for treatment and testing. I am grateful for their thorough planning, and kind communication. I feel blessed by their skill in getting me to my destination and back.


My husband was diagnosed with Brain cancer and I needed help to get to Duke Brain Center. I contacted Mercy Medical and was treated with respect, everyone I came into contact with was very compassionate and helpful. They were not only able to help me but called to follow-up and make sure that everything went O.K. with my travels. I really appreciate the support I received from this organization and the staff.

Jennifer P.

Without the assistance from MMA it would not have been possible for me to get the treatment and consultation from a specialist to help improve my life. Organizations like this are truly a blessing, it was a quick painless process and it truly helped myself and my family more than words can express.


Mercy Medical was very helpful. Their personal communication, prompt flight arrangements and sincere encouragement combined to make my experience with them stellar. They asked for nothing but that I felt comfortable and taken care of. Their excellent care inspired me to pay it forward for them. Thank you Mercy Medical!


I just wanted to thank you! I have a patient in need of life saving organ transplant as a result of two complicated diagnosis. He has very little money and lives 4 hours away from UCLA. Your agency assisted this patient and his daughter with the gas money they needed to get here for evaluation. You all make a huge difference and I am very grateful for you!

Elisa G. Clinical Social Worker

My daughter has several rare illnesses. Two are Chiari and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It is difficult to find a specialist versed in both conditions. We have to see a neurosurgeon over 1500 miles away from home. My daughter has had several surgeries in the past year. Without Mercy Medical I don’t know how we would be able to help my daughter. Chronic, progressive illness takes a toll on a families finances. We are truly blessed to have travel expenses provided for. We have absolutely no doctors in our state that specialize in my daughters combined conditions. Without Mercy Medical my daughter would not get the life saving surgeries she needs.


I was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer in 2010. I live in Oklahoma and the best treatment is at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia. PA. I had to go twice in four months and then annually since then. Mercy has helped arrange a flight for me more than once. The phone operators are always polite and helpful and the pilots and crew are wonderful. I never knew this organization existed, but I am so glad they do. I immediately recommend them to anyone with a new diagnosis and wondering how they will handle the financial burden. This is one less burden to bear in the whirlwind of a cancer diagnosis.

Paula C.

About a year ago I had a medical emergency and was diagnosed with a rare cancer that strikes one in a million people. I was in very,very poor condition after surgery, and needed to go from Florida to Duke University in NC for another surgery and chemotherapy. I no longer had income, didn’t qualify for any assistance,was living alone and on the opposite side of the country from family, and my entire world was turned upside down. there was no way I could drive myself, as I could hardly walk or sit at times. Mercy Medical Angels provided me a flight for the treatment I needed. It also gave me hope in a very dark time when I had no options. The staff was very efficient and helpful to my sister (who initiated the request on my behalf), and was very kind to me, and was very understanding of the scheduling needs and my situation. I cannot express how grateful I was for this service.
My surgeons often remark that my determination and mental attitude were a huge part of my recovery. (I now have the best prognosis possible!) I would not have had that if I had not had the life changing support of MMA. Every time that I tell my tale I suggest as a way to contribute to MMA with purchases. I am a walking miracle that will forever be grateful for my MMA flight.


Mercy Medical Angels was, quite literally, a life saver for my husband. He had a brain cancer that could not be treated in state, and MMA made sure that he could get to those treatments. Without this wonderful team we could never have afforded to get him the treatment he needed, and they always came through.

After over thirty flights, three surgeries, and countless treatments, my husband did succumb to the cancer earlier this year. MMA increased his quality of life, quantity of life, and gave both of us great relief to not have to worry about transportation. I will always hold Mercy Medical Angels in my heart as an extended family–always ready to help when needed.

H. Hattux

I am an Iraqi Vet, injured in South Baghdad, in 2005. I’ve had 24 surgeries, to be able to walk again. Mercy Medical Angels, has been such an amazing organization to my wife and I. We have had to go back and forth to BAMC (San Antonio) for medical reasons, and have NOT had to be concerned with transportation from San Diego to BAMC. It is a huge stress relief. Without the support of Mercy Medical Angels, these trips would be out of our financial reach. Therefore, not allowing me to receive the proper care needed.

We are extremely grateful to this organization for their tireless commitment to the Military Community.

Sgt C.

My husband was diagnosed with Renal cell cancer that metastased 4 times. It was much more advance that what could be handled in our home town. MD Anderson has saved his life and has to travel from Pennsylvania to Texas twice a year. That is a hardship that Mercy Medical Angels has helped us with and are truly grateful.

A. Hess

Thank you so much for arranging transportation, I’m so excited, this will mean so much. Now I can concentrate on the cancer treatment.


Thank you very much for all your help. You have given my family and I hope. Please thank everyone that was involved and may God bless you all.


Thanks so very much. This is really making a difference for the baby and family.

Case Worker

Thanks again — you made an impossible situation possible for a family who really needed it, and I cannot thank you enough.

Lopez Family

I wanted to let you know that our experience with Angel Bus to NYC was phenomenal.

George J.

Thank you again! Your services are GREATLY appreciated (and needed)!Thank you sooooo much for getting my mom home safely today.


I never would have guessed that getting help in this situation would be so simple or so prompt, but ask and you shall receive, right?


Thank you so much! This has to be an Easter miracle! I don’t know how to thank you enough or how to express my gratitude. Have a wonderful Easter and know that you are truly an angel.


Ms. W. wanted me to let you know that she is so appreciative of the help that you and your organization are providing to her and her family. Ms. W. says she is looking forward to getting her vision back after the surgeries are completed! Again, thank you so much.

Ms. W.

Thank you and Angel Bus so much for your assistance with my travel. Sometime in the near future, I hope to return the favor and spread the generosity to others.


Thank you so much for your assistance. I know the mother is thrilled to receive the help. She’s been waiting for a long time to get these tests done for her daughter and your organization has removed a tremendous barrier for her. Thanks again!

Mrs. Barlow

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the gas cards that you all provided to me. Over the past few months it has been very difficult for me to get to my doctors appointments because we have not had the money to pay for gas. Due to the fact that I am having to go at least once per month, sometimes twice, everything helps. Your generosity truly means the world to me.


On behalf of both my wife and myself we would like to thank you for your assistance. I can’t believe you did this so quickly. Again we thank you.

Summer’s Family

I would like to take this time to thank you for All your hard work and diligence! Especially for your work with the Veterans of this great Nation.

VA Caseworker

I am eternally grateful for this generous gift of a gas card. It is organizations like Angel Bus that make recovering cancer patients like me still believe that we are not alone in this fight!


The gas cards are a true blessing, and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry as you go forth to help others, like myself, who are in need.

John R.

God Bless you, without people like you I would not be able to go to the Cancer Center to get my treatments.


Words can’t adequately express our appreciation for the good things you are doing individually and collectively. You are no less a lifesaver then the doctors, nurses and hospitals involved in our care.


Thank you so very much. This is quite a service to a family who really needs the help. This appointment could mean the difference in saving this child’s eyesight or even her life. I really appreciate your diligence and attention to detail.

Steve S.

As I see it, you and your organization are the earthly angels that God is using to provide for my needs. How I wish that I could be on the Giving end of this experience. Perhaps knowing that you are in my prayer list will help to ‘repay’ your kindness and generosity!

Eric J.

You’ve made the burden for our travel to chemotherapy a lot less stressful and less worrying on our part of having enough gas in the car to go and get back home. Bless you


I want you to know how much the the gas card meant to me. As you know, my funds are limited. These cards relieved a lot of the stress in getting to Philadelphia for treatment.

Pennsylvania Patient

I would like to thank the Angel-Bus organization for the gas cards. I would not be able to make my appointment without your assistance. Thank you and god bless.

John W.

Thank you so much. This will be a tremendous help to this patient and his family. They have really had a hard time since he was diagnosed. Your organization is very special.


Thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me. I will keep your info for the future as I would like to pay it forward through your group, it will take me a while but I would love to do this.


Thank you for giving me the gas cards so that I could travel to my appointments. While dealing with so much, your generosity has lifted a weight of concern off my shoulders. God Bless You!


Thank you so much for all your time and dedication to help others. Whenever I called, you treated me with great respect and everyone has a hard time hearing me on the phone (because of the CA) and not once did you make me feel disabled. Your program has helped me twice and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have given me hope!!

Georgia Patient

Thanks to your donation of gas cards, I can make it to my treatments. I have to travel 3 hours one way to get to the facility and you have helped make that possible.

Virginia Patient

We appreciate the assistance as the financial stress can be overwhelming. You have not only helped us at a difficult time but you have also helped us to smile. God bless you!

Arizona Patient

Thank you, Angel Bus, for helping people at at time when they are so desperate, they have no idea what they are going to do and often are making difficult choices about what bills they can pay and what ones they will have to skip. You truly have been a blessing for so many families. I wish I could do more to help you financially, but I will spread the word of your organization to as many people as I can!

Roberts Family

I wanted to thank Angel Bus from the bottom of my heart for helping me with gas to help me get to my Chemotherapy appointments. I just finished my Infusions. Im not sure how I would have done it without the help Angel Bus gave to me. I prayed, and God led me in the direction to find help. I wanted to let you all know I am grateful to the many people who donate to this beautifully wonderful cause, and the original person who was the brain child behind its origins. There are not enough words to describe how humbled I became knowing that people who don’t even know me give to help others. They helped me!! ME!!  I never thought in a million years my circumstances would have so drastically changed, that I would need assistance with gasoline, just to save my life. Thank you for all that you do at Angel Bus. God Bless all involved in helping us, whom need assistance.

Doris G.

We received the gift card and just wanted to shoot you all a thank you for your support. My father is anxious about going to his appointment as it is, and it means a lot to not have to worry about how he’s going to get there.

Mr. Johnson

I want to THANK YOU for providing a gas card to pay for gasoline. Janice is on a fixed income and the card tremendously assisted her in getting to Tampa to receive her chemotherapy treatments. Cancer is an overwhelming disease and support is needed for the individual on all fronts. All support has been greatly appreciated. God Bless all of you for the work and donations Janice received.


I just wanted to thank you again for your generous support in providing me with gas cards to assist in transporting my granddaughter, Michelle back and forth to Rochester every other week for her chemo treatments. Having the gas cards allows me not to have to worry how I am going to budget our finances in order to have the funds for gas for our trips. Your organization is surely providing wonderful support to those in need and we Bless you for your efforts. Also wanted to mention how pleasant your staff is.


Thanks to you and Angel Bus, I am able to get the medical care I need to stay alive and possibly delay or even avoid a liver transplant! Thank you SO much! There are no words to express my gratitude!

Thomas R.

I so want to thank you for the gift card to buy gas to go see my doctors in Columbus, Ohio. I was supposed to see them in March but was unable to get there because of not having gas money. You have no way of knowing how much this means to me. (((Hugs)))  Keep up your good efforts!  My life depends on seeing my doctor regularly. Thus the gift card will make it happen.

Ohio Patient

Thank you for your generosity and help in paying towards our traveling expenses.  Organizations such as yours are the rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds of the illness we are battling. Thank you for your care and concern and for showing us that we are not alone.

R. Smith

Mercy Medical Angels literally changed our lives. My infant son needed to see the top pediatric ENT in the country who happens to be in Ohio, we live in Texas. MMA provided a round trip flight for my family at the beginning of this year (2013). Since then we have traveled back and forth from Texas to Ohio using our own resources but I know that if it had not been for MMA my son would not be making the amazing strides that he is today. I credit MMA for getting my little guy on the road to recovery! This is truly one of the best charitable organizations around!

Sherae T.

In 2010 I was told I had breast cancer. I was terrified not knowing what to do. I live by myself without family in a State that seemed at the time millions of miles from anyone. I was uncomfortable with the procedures that was recommended treatment due to a recent heart procedure. I called American Cancer Society who referred me to Mercy Medical Angels. I was surprised how supportive and understanding they are. They assured me that they would do their best to help me.  In the meantime giving me positive support and encouragement.

After meeting the requirements they arranged my flight. I am so grateful that their is an organization that will help those of us that cannot afford transportation for the best care for cancer. I give MMA the highest rating possible and pray that they remain available for others. MMA is organization who help the least of us and I am blessed because of it.

Ms. Perry

I don’t know how to thank you for helping me with the gift card for gas to help with my trips to UVA. I thank you so much and also it meant the world that you didn’t make me feel like a beggar. God has taught me a lot lately about asking for and receiving help.  I’d always been so independent. Thank you again and may God Bless you and keep your mission strong to be of His Service.

Virginia Patient

I simply do not know what we would have done without Mercy Medical’s assistance.  Christina guided me through the entire application process with compassion and ease.

Branck Family

This letter is meant to express our extreme thanks to the Angel Flight organization for your services in early December of 2013 for a trip to New Haven, CT.  The pilots involved in our transport were all great – very professional, friendly, and compassionate.  The Angel Flight organization is an inspiring, and vital organization for patients to get to the critical care they need.

Clark Family

Our family can never repay all your organization has done for us. We are eternally grateful. Thank you so much. We are truly blessed to have your help.

Linder Family

Once again, I thank you for your most generous gift of gasoline gift cards for my upcoming trip on April 28, 2014 to Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.  I am simply overwhelmed by this outreach, and want you to know how much of a relief this is to me!  In addition to this being a generous financial assist, my heart is calmed by the sweetness of being cared for.  You are my Angel!

New Jersey Patient

I want to say thank you for the gas card that you gave me.  I don’t know if you really know how this helps me get to my Doctors at Vanderbilt.  God made Angels and your program sure feels like angels are watching over me and a lot of other sick people.  I can now get to my appointment without worrying if I can get back home without running out of gas.

Tennessee Patient

Thank you for your generosity and help in paying towards our traveling expenses. Organizations such as yours are the rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds of the illness we are battling. Thank you for your care and concern and for showing us that we are not alone.

Mr and Mrs Keller

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to fly from Detroit to Cleveland because of the Angel Flight organization. Because of the kindness and donor generosity of strangers I was able to plan for a better quality of life after my surgery.


When my daughter Samantha was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, we had to take her to many different hospitals. After fighting for four years we ended up at MD Anderson in Texas, problem being that we lived in Illinois. MMA gave us a free round trip flight to Texas for one of our very necessary visits. They helped us out in our time of need.


Three years ago I got cancer and chose a doctor in Texas, but didn’t have the finances to get there. MMA provided plane tickets for me and my husband. It is a great organization with really great attentive people.

Natalya Ivakhnik

MMA has helped me arrange a flight more than once. The phone operators are always polite and helpful, and the pilots and crew are wonderful. I immediately recommend them to anyone with a new diagnosis and wondering how they will handle the financial burden.

Paula Crawford

I want to send a great big THANK YOU to you and your team for providing flights for our Children’s Heart Project child from Mongolia, Enguun, his mom and his interpreter.  We are so grateful to you for this. It was valuable experience as well in learning what documentation we need, and in understanding the complexities of the process.

Cynthia M. Bonsall

This past December my wife, Laura, and I were blessed with two of your flights. Both were comfortable and our teams of pilots [were] both comfortable and cordial. A special thank you is due to MaryJane. Her ability to anticipate our questions and provide knowledgable responses served to diminish our anxiety.

Wayne Parton

Thank you SO SO much for the GAS CARDS I just received in order to help pay for my transportation to and from chemo and radiation treatments. (500 miles a week) This program is a GOD SEND!!!!! It is amazing to me ALL the people who come together and donate to people like myself in need.. thanks again you have helped me by answering one of my prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my children’s hearts also. YOU ARE AN ANGEL yourself!!!!!

Melinda D.