Completing the Mosaic of Patient Access

Suzanne Rhodes | 04/26/13

2013, Mercy Medical Angels celebrated its 100,000th patient mission with a reception and program at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. In his keynote speech, CEO and President Ed Boyer explained the significance of that figure and the importance of MMA to the national need for patient access on into the future.) Good evening, […]

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‘Honored to be Part’ of MMA

Suzanne Rhodes | 02/28/13

by Taylor Allen, Intern, Virginia Wesleyan College you must first do an internship at an organization of your choice. My advisor told me about Mercy Medical Angels, and although I did not know much about it, I knew that I wanted to do media relations work. My advisor told me good things about the organization […]

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When “Had To” Became “Want To”: Confessions of a High School Volunteer

Suzanne Rhodes | 02/08/13

A guest blog by Anthony Langore (Anthony is a senior at Bayside High School studying in the Health Sciences Academy. He’s also an Eagle Scout who enjoys helping others. He comes in every day after school to assist with office tasks and keep us amused with his humorous remarks. We are all wondering how we […]

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Celebrating Our 100,000th Patient Transport

Suzanne Rhodes | 01/25/13

000th patient trip and held a press conference in our Virginia Beach office conference room to commemorate it. Because many transports took place on that record day—January 21—we have no way of knowing who the patient was. We do know that without these charitably-provided flights and travel on buses and trains, hundreds and thousands of […]

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A Beautiful Way to Endow MMA

Suzanne Rhodes | 12/03/12

Dr. Joanna Campbell is one of the most energetic, passionate and hard-working women I’ve ever known. She’s a successful lifetime entrepreuneur with a heart for charitable causes. She fell in love with MMA’s mission and met with us several times to learn more about our services and the many patients we’ve helped over the years. Consequently, […]

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MMA ‘Plugs It In’ to Transport Michigan Child

Ivey West | 11/29/12

By Bryant Liberta, Student Intern, Virginia Wesleyan College When Madison, 10, was born in Laurium, MI, she came home from the hospital with a red dot on her chest over the heart area. At first her parents, Dale and Betsy, thought it was just a birth mark. However, the red dot began to grow day […]

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‘I Believe in Guardian Angels’

Suzanne Rhodes | 11/09/12

You may be wondering how Mercy Medical Angels is able to provide free flights for the thousands of patients who call requesting charitable air transportation each year.  Some people think we own aircraft. We don’t. Some think we are the helicopter that swoops down after an automobile accident to transport patients to the hospital. We […]

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Volunteer Pilots on Alert to Fly Relief Missions to Tangier Island and Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Ivey West | 11/01/12

Virginia Department of Emergency Management Calls on General Aviation for Help Virginia and on the Eastern Shore. HSEATS is a program of Mercy Medical Angels. Both the three-mile long, Chesapeake Bay island town of 600 residents, and localities along Virginia’s eastern shore experienced heavy flooding and devastation from Hurricane Sandy. The Virginia Department of Emergency […]

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A Tribute to Great Americans

Suzanne Rhodes | 10/23/12

We call it Halos and Heroes. It’s an annual event held in a hangar that houses a breathtaking array of vintage aircraft and honors the sacrifices of great men and women who have nobly served their country. The “Halos” are volunteer Angel Flight pilots who transport patients in their own planes to specialized treatment and assume all the associated costs.  The […]

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Shedding a Tear or Two

Suzanne Rhodes | 07/26/12

by Bess Preddy, Student Intern After 12 years of school, all of which I spent at Norfolk Academy in Norfolk, Virginia, I was eagerly awaiting my last summer before college. By the time it was April, I couldn’t think about anything but lying on the beach and spending as much time as possible with my […]

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