Child’s Rare Disease Binds Family

Suzanne Rhodes | 12/06/13

by Christina Correa, Intern, Old Dominion University When Suzanne was pregnant with her second son, Jace, the ultrasound showed that he was perfectly healthy. Shortly after his birth, however, Suzanne and her husband, Danny, discovered that Jace had a very rare condition that affects only one in 400,000 children. Jace, who turned two on December […]

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Fighting the Beast

Suzanne Rhodes | 08/23/13

Dianne hoped she would be medically cleared to make the long trip to Australia to share in the celebration. While Dianne has been living in Houston, her husband’s home town, seeking cancer treatment, her husband and children have remained in Australia. For the last six years Dianne has been battling high-grade serous carcinoma at MD […]

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Clinical Trial Assures Young Man’s Survival

Suzanne Rhodes | 08/22/13

Taylor, 22, is flying from his home in Ohio to Florida today, August 22, on a US Airways flight coordinated by MMA. If it weren’t for a drug called DCA, available only through a clinical trial developed by Dr. Peter Stacpoole at the University of Florida Research Center, Taylor would not be alive today. He suffers from […]

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MMA Is Bridge to Child’s Life-Saving Surgery

Suzanne Rhodes | 08/20/13

Life was a fragile thread for Eliana, and her doctors lacked the highly specialized training and experience needed to fix her defective heart.  Though her birth on January 7, 2009 was normal, two days later doctors discovered a heart murmur. A remote cardiogram revealed that her condition required urgent care, and she was airlifted to […]

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Cancer Patient Has Powerful Arsenal of Hope

Suzanne Rhodes | 08/19/13

the 23-year-old woman is still battling her disease but with an arsenal of love, a fighting spirit, and the best medical care in the world. “I can’t tell you how much we appreciate Mercy Medical Angels (MMA), ” Frank said. Mercy Medical uses resources through the US Airways Miles of Hope program. When her illness was […]

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‘Blessed to Have Made It This Far’

Suzanne Rhodes | 07/12/13

By Allison Garrett, Intern, Norfolk Academy In 2001 Betty was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a unilateral mastectomy. For a time, everything seemed okay. In 2009 she started getting sick again and soon after was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer is also known as advanced or stage four breast cancer.  It […]

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Everyone Deserves Access

Suzanne Rhodes | 07/11/13

By Allison Garrett, Intern, Norfolk Academy [Editor’s Note: Allison Garrett is a rising senior at Norfolk Academy in Norfolk, Virginia. She plans to pursue creative writing in college. We are very appreciative of her talents and outstanding work ethic, as well as her passion for serving those in need.] Before coming to Mercy Medical Angels as […]

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From Both Sides

Suzanne Rhodes | 07/02/13

A guest blog by Pamela Chapman [Editor’s note:  Mrs. Chapman’s compelling story was featured in our Angel Flight newsletter, Skylights, in 2011.  A deeply thoughtful and talented writer, I asked her if she would write a blog telling us about herself and her rare and extremely painful disorder, Trigeminal Neuralgia.] Thanks to Mercy Medical Angles and […]

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How Do You Evaluate a Charity?

Suzanne Rhodes | 06/21/13

Guest blog by Edward R. Boyer, MMA CEO and President [Editor’s note: The question Ed Boyer raises in today’s blog is all the more significant in light of Michael Snyder’s article of June 19, “Many of the Largest Charities in America Are Giant Money Making Scams”?  Here Snyder, an author and former Washington, DC attorney, cites […]

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In Honor of Bridge Builders

Suzanne Rhodes | 06/07/13

From the 20th floor, I could look down to the curving and, from such a height, the seemingly motionless waters of the James River. The scene was all the more picturesque because of a lovely arching bridge. The building was the Riverside Plaza in Richmond, Virginia, and yesterday’s occasion was honoring bridge-builders. Not literal ones, […]

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