Debbie: Miracles Happen

You couldn’t tell it from Debbie’s energetic conversing, but she has Short Gut Syndrome. This prevents her intestines from absorbing nutrients. She lives in Eastern Tennessee, but has to go to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for treatment. Mercy Medical Angels is helping her access the care she needs. “They’re an uplifting breath of fresh air,” says Debbie.

In early December 2017, Mercy Medical Angels scheduled Debbie to go on a Delta flight. The flight faced a delay. This could have landed her in trouble before she even got off the ground.

When the pilot found out it was a medical flight, he personally helped her. He knew two doctors (Debbie said that “they sure didn’t look like doctors”) who asked her about what was going on. The pilot had originally planned to set her up in a hotel, but the doctors told her to go to the hospital. Keeping up the kindness, the pilot paid for a taxi to the ER. The doctors added, “If you get delayed, let us know and we’ll call.” Debbie views this overwhelmingly positive experience as a miracle in itself.

The ER wasn’t delayed, but the hospital stay was unexpectedly prolonged. Debbie was told she would need to stay for two days. The doctors at Cleveland Clinic found out that she had an infection, which meant she had to stay longer. Now she’s back home and feeling much better.

“There’s no way I can get there without Mercy Medical Angels,” says Debbie. “They definitely have the right name.”

More medical appointments are coming up on Debbie’s calendar. With the help she receives from Mercy Medical Angels, she trusts that miracles will continue to happen.

Pain is Temporary, Miracles are Forever

Recently, Debbie called Mercy Medical Angels back. For the first time in years, she was leaving the house in nice clothes. Her reason: “I want to surprise my Bible Study group!”

The pain of Short Gut Syndrome might have temporarily trapped Debbie – but pain didn’t last. With the help of Mercy Medical Angels, the miracles of healing and life endure.

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