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MMA is rated and ranked by program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

Client Evaluation Feedback

Mercy Medical Angels® offers a voluntary feedback form to all of our clients to help gauge the effectiveness of our programs. We e-mail our clients a link to a web-based questionnaire after their trip through MMA is complete. In total, less than five percent of our clients respond with evaluation-oriented feedback, complaints, thanks, or improvement suggestions. We attempt to incorporate the feedback we get to make our programs better each year.

Data exists for the full calendar years 2010 onward. Statistical analysis of the data indicates that 98% of respondents (as of January 2015) show an overall evaluation of excellent to good for services provided.

A sampling of patient testimonials can be found by clicking here.

2015 Client Feedback Scores

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2014 Client Feedback Scores

2013 Client Feedback Scores