“They Gave Me My Life Back”

Chronic Pain Struggles

In 2012, Jason contracted a spinal cord injury. He had to go from working a regular job to part-time. Doctors said he would suffer chronic pain for the rest of his life. The only treatment plan available in the local area involved the use of painkillers.

Cleveland Clinic offered a chronic pain rehabilitation program. It lasted for a month, without a hospital stay. The aim of this program was to help people with chronic pain live a fulfilling life. Participants learned healthier ways to deal with their pain, such as changes in diet and regular exercise. Once home, they would put the lessons into their lives.

There was only one problem: a round trip for two people cost more than $600. The program required family members to get involved, which would add to the travel expenses. This didn’t count food and lodging. It was too much for Jason and his family to keep up with.

Mercy Medical Angels to the Rescue

Jason’s mother, Barbara, was at Pembroke Mall. While there, she saw a kiosk. Robb Alpaugh, the President and CEO of Mercy Medical Angels, was manning the booth. Barbara went up to him and started asking if he could help. His answers gave Barbara the reassurance she needed: “Absolutely” and “No problem.”

Jason’s first trip was scheduled for May. He was supposed to fly with Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, out of Signature Flight Support. However, the weather was bad. The pilot said he couldn’t fly the mission, but he didn’t give up on Jason. He paid for the round-trip tickets himself. The weather for his September trip wasn’t much better. This pilot also went above and beyond: he drove Jason to the main airport and paid for the tickets.

“I’m so grateful to everyone,” said Jason. Barbara is equally grateful. She said that Mercy Medical Angels “probably saved his life.”

Free to Live

Since September 6, 2017, Jason is managing chronic pain on his own. He went to the gym for the first time in four years. Jason said of Mercy Medical Angels, “I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

Barbara said that Mercy Medical Angels “made it possible. They were a critical component.”

Jason’s answer comes from the depths of his heart: “They gave me my life back!”

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