Tough Fight for Cancer Patients Cancer patients have a tough fight ahead of them. It gets even tougher when their best shot at survival is far from home. When that happens, they call the American Cancer Society for support. From there, the American Cancer Society refers them to Mercy Medical Angels. Airline Alliances One wayRead More
Cancer Patients’ Unknown Battle Imagine this scenario. You or a loved one has cancer. A new, promising treatment is available. However, the best hospital to give this treatment is too far away. You have to fly hundreds or even thousands of miles. Long-distance travel will strain your budget. The battle just got more hostile. Worse,Read More
Caught Off Guard Anissa was a business professor in Tennessee. In 2007, she married and soon after became pregnant. During her pregnancy, her health took an unexpected turn. “I was out of breath, like an athlete,” Anissa said, “except I wasn’t an athlete.” She suspected something was wrong. Her suspicions were proved correct when sheRead More
Obstacles, Inside and Out Janie lives in Montana, a state filled with mountains and cold weather. For many people, those alone would become obstacles. The obstacles Janie faces aren’t necessarily brutal terrain or bitter temperatures. It’s not just what’s outside, because she encounters a difficulty on the inside. She has a rare bone disease knownRead More

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