Neuroendocrine Cancer Strikes Two years ago, William started having health issues. Doctors dismissed it. His wife, Terri, began to worry. “They kept saying he had food poisoning,” said Terri. However, she suspected it was more than food poisoning. Then, a blood test confirmed her worries: William had neuroendocrine cancer. The cancer spread rapidly through William’sRead More
Arthritis: Lifelong Struggle Jeremy has had arthritis since he was six years old. At 25, he needed both his knees replaced. Just three years later, he needed a double hip replacement. Now, his wrists and elbows have deteriorated to the point of requiring surgery, “For the last thirty years, arthritis has destroyed my joints,” JeremyRead More
Mercy Medical Angels would like to take a moment to remind our supporters about being considerate of your 4th of July celebrations. Not all wounds are visible, a veteran near you could have PTSD. Has your heart ever started pounding in time with the fireworks?   A veteran with PTSD has!   Have you everRead More
Not Like the Others When you think of a fighter, what comes to mind? Some might think of hulking wrestlers or skilled martial artists. Others might think of those who serve in the military. Still others might think of activists. But sometimes a fighter isn’t who you’d expect. Instead of being physically formidable, they’re small.Read More

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