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Daniel had a rare condition that caused a tumor to grow behind his eye. The best hospital that could help him was in Ohio, almost 600 miles away. His mother was unemployed at the time and couldn’t afford the travel. Our volunteer pilot program was able to help, transporting Daniel and his mom to the care he needed. Deliver Hope Daily Because of donors like you, we are able to Deliver Hope Daily. To help more children, like Daniel,  please donate here.    
Mercy Medical Angels help Daniel and his mom when he needed us!

Tony and his Service Dog Cinch: A Winning Team

Tony & his service dog Cinch Angel Wings For Veterans

How Tony Met His Service Dog, Cinch

Tony is a Navy veteran who lives in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Like many other veterans, he would benefit from a service dog. The facility best able to help him was in San Antonio, TX. The two cities are more than 1,500 miles apart. The long distance was just the first obstacle. Airfare would be expensive – and traveling with an animal is a challenge in itself. Continue reading “Tony and his Service Dog Cinch: A Winning Team”

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